You May Be Missing Some Updates From Friends In Your Facebook News Feed. Here’s How To Fix It

If you’re a big Facebook user, chances are you’ve run into the odd occasion when you’ve posted an update that apparently nobody saw. It’s like you’ve been cut off from your friends, and while they thought you’d fallen off the face of the planet you’d actually been waxing lyrical with nobody to read it. If it’s happened to you, BookMarketingMaven knows how to fix it.

The problem lies with the way Facebook now defaults to showing just the most popular updates in the reader’s News Feed. What this means is that the updates with the most comments and/or likes get shown to the reader, not a complete stream of what their friends are saying, sharing and posting.

As with all things like this, there is a way to fix it – clicking the Most Recent/Top News toggle on the top-right of the feed changes the views. Simple, right? Well, not entirely.

Readers can still miss updates this way, thanks to an option hidden deeper inside Facebook. Often not all friends’ updates are shown thanks to an option that chooses whether all updates get pushed to your News Feed, or just those from people you interact with the most. Again, there’s an option you can change (arrow pointing to said option above) just to be sure.

The best way to fix this issue in the long run is to make sure all your friends know about these options and hope they take the time to check their settings.

Of course, maybe they’re just ignoring you.

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