You Can Now Create Reminders On Remember The Milk App Using Siri On iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

The good folks over at Remember the Milk have managed to integrate Siri with their app. It uses CalDAV, an Internet standard for allowing a client to access scheduling information on a remote server. Follow the instructions below to get up to speed with Remember the Milk and Siri.

RTM Siri

Check out the video embedded below and see how Siri creates a reminder for you and syncs it with Remember the Milk:

What is happening here is Siri creates a standard calendar event and that calendar event gets push-synced to your Remember the Milk account using your RTM account credentials. Therefore, it allows you to get the reminder within your iOS app and via the web app. Pretty nifty workaround if you ask me. Of course, like the post we did about updating Twitter and Facebook via Siri, this is not an official application integration approved by Apple. But don’t let that stop you from taking full advantage of this! Its a great work around until we see (hopefully!) full application integration with Apple’s Siri. Below are the instructions for configuring your iPhone 4S to take advantage of Remember the Milk:

First off, open your Settings app on your iPhone 4S and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Open Add Account, and then tap Other. Choose Add CalDav Account which can be found underneath Calendars. In the field labeled ‘Server’ enter and then enter your RTM account username and password. Hit Next, and now you will be returned to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, with the account added. Scroll all the way down, and select Default List and choose Remember The Milk. At this point you are done and can begin using Siri with RTM!

BAM! Its that easy. Now, I am not one for creating tasks and using task/reminder applications. Personally I would need someone to create a reminder to remind me to use a reminder application! That was a tongue-full, but, if I could remember to take advantage of an application like Remember the Milk and I had an iPhone 4S with Siri enabled, I would take advantage of this in a heart beat. Actually, if I had an iPhone 4S at all, Siri would probably be reason enough for me to put this into action. I look forward to seeing other productivity applications trying to take advantage of Siri like Remember the Milk did!

Download Remember the Milk for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]

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(via RememberTheMilk)

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