Windows Home Server Power Pack 1: Screenshots Gallery

Yesterday Microsoft rolled out the much awaited update to their popular Home Server OS. Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 addresses:

  • Support for home computers that are running Windows Vista x64 editions
  • Backup of Home Server shared folders
  • Improvements to remote access
  • More efficient power consumption
  • Improved performanceYou can install Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 through Windows Update. Just click on Update Now on the Settings tab of the Windows Home Server Console to get the update.
    You can also simply download the update package, and then manually apply it. The file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. Make sure you uninstall any pre-released versions of Power Pack 1 before installing the final bits.Moments ago I updated my Home Server with Power Pack 1 and have shared the installation screen shots with you all. The installation went fast & smooth!

    Installing Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Finished installing Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Installing HP MediaSmart Addin Finished installing HP MediaSmart AddinWindows Home Server desktop Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 installed WHS automatically updated the Connector Software New option in Connector Software  WHS Power Pack 1 Console