Wearable Tech: This Hoodie Can Massage Your Back On The Move [Video]

How much money would you pay to relieve aches and pains in your back at just the touch of a button? How much money would you pay for a new hoodie that may come with a little additional bulk, but can help improve your posture and target muscles and pain points to release tension? And finally, how much would you pay for a connected wearable that offers all of the above through an integration with a mobile app that lives on your smartphone? After first being teased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the AiraWear Massage Hoodie now exists as a Kickstarter campaign, and offers all of the above for those with back discomfort, and willing to embrace technology as part of the solution.

So, here’s the deal. The company behind the product has essentially decided that everyone loves a back rub, and that a product which can offer that without constant financial outlay, and the need to leave the comfort of your own home or work place, would be a perfectly acceptable thing to push out into the marketplace. The AiraWear is attempting to give you that much needed massage on the go.


The AiraWear vest pack is embedded into a hoodie to provide owners with the massaging functionality. This vest is equipped with six inflatable pressure point relaxers fitted onto wearable massage modules that are attached to the vest itself. Two on the shoulders, two on the middle back, and two that exist to relieve tension from the lower back area of the wearer’s body. The vest technology is massively complimented by the accompanying mobile app, which is essentially what the user interacts with to start and stop the massaging functionality, as well as set his/her own massage types and intensity.

Those conscious about their fashion styles can effectively use the inner massage vest and pair it up with their favorite hoodie or jacket, without letting the vest come in the way of their sense of style.


In addition to being able to select different massage types and the intensity that is provided, the technology also has built-in Posture Tracking sensors that analyze the wearer’s posture throughout the day. The accompanying app tracks that posture in real-time through its connection to the sensors, and will automatically inflate the embedded modules as part of the process to try and correct the posture when a slouch or slump is detected.

Anyone interested in the product can get involved in the Kickstarter campaign with an investment from $99.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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