WALL•E goodies for Windows Live

This years Disney’s blockbuster WALL•E has made its way over to Windows Live. MSN UK has opened a WALL•E portal which consists of lots of goodies to beautify our experience with Windows & Windows Live. There is lots of stuff to choose from:

Display Picture WALL•E


  • Windows Live Messenger Pack: Consists of winks, dynamic display pictures and backgrounds.
  • Windows Live Messenger Display Pictures: Lots of display pictures to please WALL•E fans.
  • Windows Live Messenger Backgrounds: Static backgrounds for chat windows. Wish it had dynamic backgrounds too.
  • High-Res Wallpapers for your Desktop: Great looking high resolution wallpapers to beautify your Windows desktop experience.
  • Animated Signatures: A fully animated signature which could be used as an email or a forum signature.


WLM Content Pack


Grab all these downloads from MSN WALL•E Goodies Hub here