VFX Studio For iOS Lets You Add Movie-esque Effects To Your Images – Download Now!

Editing images has become something of a revelation on mobile devices, and in keeping with consumer demand, the developers of iOS have been relentless in their creation of apps to cater to photo manipulation.

Whether you’re looking to subtly tweak an image to perfection or completely rejig it in order to create something truly unique and customized, as the famous Apple saying goes, "there’s an app for that!".

If you like your Hollywood action movies, VFX Studio by VicoSoft might just be an app of interest to you. It allows you to add special effects to your photos, creating situations you would otherwise not have been able to capture. From bullet-holes to street fires, there are a total of 250 total effects to select from, and far from being just stamps, you can resize and rotate them for optimum realism.

VFX Studio

The aspect which took be by surprise was the sheer volume of options available. For example, if you want to add blood to an image (it’s Hollywood, after all – why wouldn’t you?), there are a total of 22 different types of blood – smatter, smear, shiny, spread – they’re all there.

To be frank, although it’s a fun app, if you’re looking for truly realistic effects, you’ll have to work pretty hard to achieve them with VFX Studio. Having said that, for 99 cents, it’s certainly well worth the purchase, and if nothing else, you’ll have a great time creating your manipulated end-product – whether it be a masterpiece or not.


The main source of enjoyment – as tends to be the case with apps of this type – is in pranking others. If you can manage to convince somebody that their prized vase is broken, or car smashed up, then it the app certainly pays for itself tenfold in laughter and enjoyment.


If you like the idea of adding such effects to your images, then check out the download link below, and be sure to offer your critique by adding a comment via the usual mediums below!

Download VFX Studio for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]

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