Unlocked iPhone 6 Plus Units Going For Over $2,000 On eBay

Apple’s iPhone 6 was finally announced on Tuesday, and given that the new lineup offers a new design, larger displays and a myriad of other features including NFC, it’s not surprising that pre-orders are aplenty. In the case of the iPhone 6 Plus, the more sizeable of the two new models, pre-order supplies have already been exhausted in the United States, but if you’re looking to avail the hottest property in tech on launch day, there’s always eBay. Even though we’re still one week from launch, the device is already being listed, and as you might expect, prices are sky high.

Every new iPhone release is not only a money spinner for Apple, but also, savvy customers, many of whom will queue for days on end to secure themselves a unit or two. Apple only allows two per customer amid the initial rush, a move to help stem the tide of rampant reselling, but unfortunately, many of those looking to grab the early units are doing so purely for the premium of selling them on.

iPhone 6 large

The iPhone 6 Plus is a higher end version of the regular iPhone 6, and as such, commands a higher price. However, if you were flabbergasted by the $949 that Apple wants for the unlocked iPhone 6 Plus 128GB, then you’ll be even more shocked at how much the device is currently listed for on eBay.

At $2,076 (at the time of writing) we’re not talking about pocket change here, and although it seems an extortionate fee, there’s no doubt that people will be willing to pay every bit of that and perhaps even more.

iPhone 6 bid

It’s not just those who don’t want to queue who’re happy to pay, either. Given that the launch is only taking place in certain countries, wealthy individuals in places where iPhones cannot yet be ordered will happily pay several times the face value to get the last and greatest as early on as possible.

Personally, I couldn’t fathom paying so much for a smartphone, no matter how much I wanted it. Given that every model will be readily available in a month or less, it’s all a question of whether you want to pony up nearly double the cost or just wait it out.

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