Unleashing Creativity: Exploring The Boundless Possibilities Of ALKAID LCD Light Curing Resin 3D Printer [Now Only $99]

ALKAID LCD Light Curing Resin 3D Printer is a whole new world of cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Whether you’re a seasoned designer, an avid hobbyist, or a curious enthusiast, this printer is here to revolutionize your creative journey. With its advanced LCD light curing technology, the ALKAID offers exceptional precision and high-resolution prints, bringing your imagination to life with stunning detail.

The ALKAID LCD Light Curing Resin 3D Printer features a 6.08-inch 2K resolution black and white forming screen to ensure an X/Y accuracy of 0.05mm.

The machine itself is also sturdy and durable, and the UV lamp beads at the bottom aluminum substrate of the machine to allow for a larger head dissipation area. There’s also a cooling fan, too.

ALKAID LCD Light Curing Resin 3D Printer Features

The Geeetech ALKAID LCD Light Curing Resin 3D Printer also offers several notable features, these include:

LCD Light Curing Technology: The printer utilizes an LCD panel with UV LED lights to cure the resin layer by layer, allowing for precise and detailed 3D prints.

Large Printing Volume: The ALKAID has a generous build volume, providing ample space for creating larger-sized objects or multiple smaller objects in a single print job.

High Resolution: With a 2K resolution LCD panel, the printer can achieve fine details and smooth surfaces, resulting in high-quality prints with intricate designs.

Quick Printing Speed: The LCD curing process enables faster printing speeds compared to traditional FDM printers, allowing for quicker turnaround times on projects.

Easy Bed Leveling: The printer features an intuitive and user-friendly bed leveling system, ensuring optimal print bed calibration for accurate prints.

Offline Printing: The ALKAID offers offline printing capability, which means you can transfer print files to the printer via a USB drive, eliminating the need for a continuous computer connection during printing.

Touchscreen Interface: The printer is equipped with a touchscreen interface, making it easy to navigate through menus, adjust settings, and monitor the printing progress conveniently.

Compatibility and Connectivity: The printer supports a variety of 3D printing resins and comes with multiple connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet, for seamless integration with your workflow.

Sturdy Construction: The ALKAID is built with a robust frame and high-quality components, ensuring stability and durability throughout the printing process.

Versatility: This 3D printer is suitable for various applications, including rapid prototyping, model making, jewelry design, and more, making it a versatile tool for both professionals and enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that the features mentioned here are based on the information available up until September 2021, and there may have been updates or revisions to the product since then. It’s advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s website or contact Geeetech directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information about the Alkaid LCD Light Curing Resin 3D Printer.

The ALKAID LCD Light Curing Resin 3D Printer is designed to be beginner-friendly and is easy to operate and surprisingly affordable, especially if you take advantage of this special deal. You’ll need to do it soon however because we can’t be sure when this deal will come to a close.

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Where To Buy?

The ALKAID LCD Light Curing Resin 3D Printer would normally sell for around $250, but you can place your order now for just $99 if you’re a new customer.

The 3D printer is already a huge steal at just $99 even if you’re an existing customer, too.

You don’t need to enter any discount codes or clip any coupons to take advantage of this deal, so place your order as normal and you’ll save money instantly.

Buy: ALKAID LCD Light Curing Resin 3D Printer: $99 | Original price: $250

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