Unboxing White iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

We’re now firmly into the iPhone 4S’s launch day now, and some countries are even already out of it. It’s been a day of elation, disappointment and downright anger, depending on which Apple, AT&T or any other store you happened to be (un)fortunate enough to be queuing outside.

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While some people got just what they were looking for, some, including yours truly, had to bump up their storage specs in order to pick up an iPhone 4S on release day. The things we do for our new toys!

One person who was nice and early in his queue was our very own Steven Chi, who’s our video whizkid and all-round Apple guy on the Redmond Pie team. He took to the queues at a Canadian Apple Store, hell-bent on getting his hands on not one, but two shiny new, white iPhone 4S handsets. After a spot of standing around and looking all excited, he finally got hold of his new toys and set about doing the only thing a man in his position would do – putting together a quick unboxing video, right there and then.

With the Apple Store clearly visible in the background, our man Steven set decimated the iPhone’s shrink-wrap in double-quick time, and unveiled Apple’s new wonder phone to the world.

As has become the norm with iPhones these days, the packaging and contents are minimal to say the least. A charging cable, wall adapter and headphones (with remote) are included, along with the usual paraphernalia. Nothing overly exciting – other than the hardware, that is!

His video is embedded for your viewing pleasure, and we’re sure you’ll agree, that white iPhone 4S does look spiffy.

And well it should. After all, this is the same iPhone chassis as the super-popular iPhone 4, the best selling smartphone on the market. We see no reason why the iPhone 4S can’t follow suit, and if the queues around the world are anything to go by, that’s almost a certainty.

People began queuing days ago, all around the globe. Few were there earlier than JailbreakCon’s Craig Fox, who started queuing last Friday – that’s a whole week before the iPhone 4S went on sale. We knew Craig was dedicated, but that’s a whole new level of dedication, we’re sure you’ll agree!

So that’s another iPhone release out of the way. Now there’s the iPad 3 release early next year and we’re back to the iPhone rumors.

Bring it on!

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