Try This Fix For AirPods Charging Case Battery Drain Issue

Having battery life drain issues with Apple AirPods charging case? Try this temporary fix until Apple explains and issues a proper fix for it.

Apple’s AirPods have definitely been extremely well-received by those consumers who have been lucky enough to either purchase them independently, or who have been gifted by a family member or a loved one over the holiday period.


The product itself is beautiful and definitely worthy of the price tag that Apple has applied to it, but that hasn’t stopped certain users from experiencing issues relating to the charging case, and more specifically, the case not offering the 24-hours standby life that Apple’s documentation claims. Some users have managed to find a fix, and while it doesn’t appear to be working for everyone, it’s definitely worth giving a shot.

As has been discovered by one user, resetting the AirPods and then syncing them back to each device resolves the problem. To reset AirPods, simply “Press and hold the setup button for at least 15 seconds, until you see the status light flash amber a few times and then flash white.”

As mentioned earlier, it’s by no means a universal fix as others have simply had no joy at all fixing the charging case problem with this solution. The only real re-course that those users have is to actually go through the process of returning the AirPods for a refund, or asking for an exchange from Apple in the hope that they receive a pair of AirPods that don’t have the issue. The latter does involve having to actually wait for the AirPods to be in stock, with one user highlighting that he was asked to post the defective AirPods back to Apple and wait six weeks for a replacement.


Apple is yet to acknowledge the issue with the standby battery life on the AirPods charging case, but it’s very much possible that the company is internally investigating the issue and could deliver a firmware update for AirPods to resolve the problem. However, there’s no official confirmation that this will actually happen, which puts owners in a bit of a predicament.

If you happen to have purchased the AirPods, have you noticed the issue, and did this resetting method fix the problem?

(Source: MacRumors Forums)

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