Trump: Apple CEO Tim Cook Considering Moving Some Production To US

US President-elect Donald Trump is all over the news right now, as you might expect, and he’s been speaking about a recent conversation with Apple CEO Tim Cook regarding the company’s manufacturing processes. According to Trump, Tim Cook said enough to suggest the company may be considering moving at least some of its product manufacturing to the United States and away from existing Foxconn facilities in China.

According to Trump, CEO Tim Cook has his “eyes open to it,” and that he “really believes [Cook] loves this country and I think he’d like to do something major here.” That’s far from a confirmation that Apple has plans in the pipeline to start making iPhones at home, but Trump seems confident that things are moving in that direction.


Obviously, such a suggestion very much fits in with Trump’s ongoing quest to have everything from cars to computers be built in the United States rather than elsewhere, but we can’t imagine the incoming President making these kinds of things up. After all, he’s been so trustworthy to this point.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump is keen to mention Tim Cook’s name, and that of Apple as often as possible in the build up to his swearing in later this week.

We’re not sure at this point who he is trying to convince most, himself or the public, but if we take Trump at face value for the time being, the suggestion that Apple may bring manufacturing to the States has the potential for huge repercussions. Given the costs associated with such a move, could we see a price hike, for example? And what product lines would it affect?


Given the flak Apple has received for the increase in MacBook Pro prices of late, we sure hope not. Trump has promised the company a significant tax cut if it is to go through with the migration, though how much of a difference that would make is unclear at this point.

(Source: Axios)

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