TouchRetouch For Android Lets You Remove Unwanted Content From Your Photos [VIDEO]

Last year, Adobe introduced an amazing new feature called Content-Aware Fill to their popular graphics editing program Photoshop. The feature was based on a technology called in-painting which allowed users to remove unwanted objects from their otherwise perfect photograph in a very easy way. Today, we came across an app called TouchRetouch which lets you do the same, albeit on an Android smartphone and it is what we’ll be talking about in this post.


Developed by Adva Soft, TouchRetouch lets you remove unwanted content from your photos in what is perhaps the easiest-possible manner. After opening a photograph (from Camera or Gallery), you can use the Lasso tool to highlight the object you want to remove from your photo, tap Start and – before you can say “what manner of sorcery is this!? TouchRetouch removes it. It’s just that easy.

From Market:

Remove unwanted content from your photos easily!

TouchRetouch Free is an award-winning photo editor that allows you to remove unwanted content or objects from any photo, using just your finger and your phone. Mark the items you want taken out of the snapshot and hit ‘Go’. That’s all there is to it. Photo editing has never been so quick, easy and convenient.

We have tested the app on a Samsung Galaxy S II and can confirm that it works as advertised.

I personally just love Retouch Free. It removes unwanted objects/content from photos like a champ. I tried it with some of my older photographs (like the one you see below) and was able to remove all sorts of attention-diverting objects from these photos without having to, say, learn a complicated software like Photoshop.


We cannot recommend this app enough! If you’ve got an Android smartphone and have even the slightest interest in photography, you should most definitely check it out.

If you’re interested, Retouch is available in two versions from the Android Market: free and paid. The free version is ad-supported while the $0.99 paid version gets rid of the ad. Be sure to tell us about your experience with the app in the comments section on our Facebook page!

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