This Could Be The Next-Gen Google Glass [Images]

Google’s firsts attempt at giving the world a wearable computer that lives on your forehead has suffered plenty of cynicism and criticism since it arrived on the noggins of Google’s intrepid ‘Explorers’ but that clearly isn’t going to stop the technology giant from pushing forward with new iterations of Glass. A new patent, recently made public but having actually been submitted back in January, appears to show what could be the next version of Glass to come out of Google’s design labs.

The patent shows what is unmistakably some version of Glass, though it does appear much more polished than the one that was originally released and that can only be a good thing for a product line, and indeed, product category that has failed to truly capture the imagination since its inception.


It’s not just on the outside that the new Glass looks to have been fettled with, as internally things have been consolidated which will no doubt help reduce size and weight – two things that are extremely important in a wearable.

As we all know by this point though, one patent application does not mean that anything will ever find its way into actual production. In fact, this isn’t even the first possible redesign of Glass that we’ve seen of late with another patent having been outed back in August.

Whether Google’s next redesign of Glass will be the one that truly gains traction remains to be seen, and with the current wearable focus very much being on the wrist rather than the head, we’re dubious whether Glass is really ever going to turn into the future necessity that Google once thought it would.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 4.51.59 pm



Image credit: USPTO

Just a couple of days back, a report emerged from Forbes that detailed the next-gen version of Glass. And it was revealed that Google’s next mindblowing headset will come with a processor from Intel based on the ARM architecture, which in turn will make the device much more efficient in terms of battery life and performance. But that tidbit can only be proven once the new version of Glass hits the Play Store.

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(Source: USPTO)

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