This Cool Contraption Can Lift Heavy Objects, Controlled From Your iPhone Or iPad [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever been faced with the daunting challenge of having to lift up to 50 pounds of weight into mid-air, and suspend it there for a period of time, then you’ll know it can prove difficult. Sure, if you have the right tools and equipment then the hassle and stress can be removed, but let’s be honest here, who actually has a winch based system set up in their home or work place? Thankfully the worlds of Kickstarter, smartphones and Bluetooth LE have smashed together in a collision that has produced the myLIFTER, a smart and powerful lifting device that can be controlled directly from a Bluetooth 4.0 LE compatible iOS device.

It’s immediately evident that the designers and owners of this particular Kickstarter campaign have used modern technology to solve a real-life issue that they’ve faced multiple times. Crowd-funding websites seem to be full with Silicon Valley backed ideas that all seem to utilize Bluetooth LE in the same manner by producing some kind of door lock or location based system. Sure, those types of gadgets are handy and definitely have value, but everyone seems to be intent on producing the same thing. myLIFTER on the other hand can actually appeal to a wider audience by actually providing some tangible benefit in most people’s lives.


The product has been designed to try and eliminate wasted space that most conventional winch and pulley systems throw away. The real area of focus is to try and provide users with a way of storing bulky items that bulky and heavy items out of sight without needing to struggle or have others step in to lend a hand. The myLIFTER is controlled entirelywon’t take up too much space or look unsightly. The second design consideration has been to provide end-users with a method of getting those from a Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone or tablet and can easily lift up to 50 pounds of weight.


The little gadget can also be purchased with its own dedicated controller for those who don’t have a compatible iOS device. The controller allows multiple myLIFTERs to be set up and named, providing easy access and interaction with each one.




The best technology based products are generally ones that are born from a group of people attempting to overcome a real-life problem that they face on a daily basis.

myLIFTER may not be as flashy as a Bluetooth based smoke detector or credit card replacement but it definitely has a place in our lives.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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