24-Karat Gold Xbox One Is The Perfect Christmas Present For The Wealthier Among Us [Photo]

Waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping an Xbox One will usually be enough for most of us, but if being the same as everyone else just doesn’t cut it for you, then maybe you could ask Kris Kringle for the 24-karat gold plated Xbox One that is currently available at Harrods in London.

It seems to be a common occurrence for luxury versions of popular consumer technology to pop up shortly after their public launch. We’ve already witnessed an elaborate gold iPhone 5s being shown off at the World’s Luxury Goods expo in the United Arab Emirates and now it’s the Xbox One’s turn to get the opulent makeover.

Some of us are actually struggling to justify purchasing Microsoft’s latest console at the recommended retail price, but it seems Harrods definitely believe there is a market for this level of extravagance, with this particular version being on sale for a whopping $9,773.99. That’s £6000.00 GBP if you’re from the United Kingdom.


So what exactly does the better part of $10,000 get you? For the majority of us it would probably bring a financial meltdown and the need to forego food, drinking and heating during the festive season. For those who frequently purchase luxury goods from Harrods, then parting with that kind of money will get you a glorious looking Xbox One that is potentially the only one in existence.

Harrods hasn’t provided any official details about how many of these items they have available. It’s also currently unknown if the gold plating is just an exterior coating or if accompanying accessories like the Kinect or controllers have also been given the same treatment.


It’s highly unlikely that this gift will be appearing under the Christmas tree of a hardcore gaming teenager when the 25th finally comes around. Items like this, and all other gold plated consumer electronics for that matter, seem to be reserved for those individuals who like to confirm their wealthy status by purchasing items that are priced way over the top.

I can’t deny that it does look pretty awesome to see the console in gold, but I think I’ll be giving this one a miss.

Who wants to see a financial meltdown on Christmas? No one of course!

(Source: Reddit)

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