This App For iPhone Helps You Easily Maintain Control Of Your Finances

Black Friday’s name stems from the opportunity businesses have to turn a profit, or remain in the black, by making huge sales to customers enticed by the savings on offer. That’s all very well for the companies, but on a personal level, it’s important we too keep our heads above water, and as we collectively drag ourselves from the financial meltdown of a few years ago, we should take all the help we can get in maintaining financial stability. To mark Black Friday Weekend, we’ve had a little hunt through some of the best money apps available for iOS, and for all-round performance and ease-of-use, Budget with Back in Black has emerged as one of our favorites.

There are plenty of apps in which you add your monthly income, subtract your outgoings, and work out a budget from there, but as well as alluding to a very famous AC/DC album, Back in Black includes a rich toolset taking almost any financial eventuality into consideration.

Back In Black iOS

Let’s start with the visuals. It looks gorgeous. It’s colorful, bright, but not too cluttered, so all the information you see within each section is of relevance. It incorporates something of a Web 2.0 layout which works extremely well, and although the matte icons don’t set the world alight, they work within the context of the app.


When you open up the app for the first time, you are met with a clear and concise financial overview taking into consideration income, any fixed expenses, and spending. There’s a green button enabling you to add miscellaneous, unforeseen purchases, and if you find yourself doing this a bit to often, then you can also set yourself a series of goals to alter your spending habits.


Unlike other similar apps, you can add as many different incomes as you like, and you can alter it month by month to suit your requirements. All too often, budgeting apps presume everybody earns a flat monthly salary, but as the freelancers among you will be all-too aware, things can easily fluctuate, and in such cases, Back in Black is accommodating.


Another ironic feature of budgeting apps available are the sky-high prices some charge. Those looking to better manage money aren’t going to pay ten bucks for an app, but Back in Black clocks in at a very reasonable $2.99 – the perfect price for an app as powerful as it is.

I love how it looks, how smoothly it runs, and if you want a breakdown of where your money comes in and goes out, check the download link provided below.

(Source: Budget with Back in Black for iPhone on App Store)

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