This Android App Lets You Check Time In Darkness Without Straining Your Eyes

Widgets are one of the features that have made Android the popular platform that it is today, and it is also evident by the fact that the Google Play Store – the official app repository for Android – contains an entirely separate category dedicated to widgets. Some of these useful utilities come packaged with certain OEM firmware, while others are created and sold independently. Even stock Android comes with a small collection of these of its own, irrespective of how useful they are or how much utility they provide. In fact, most of the third-party custom widgets that exist in the Play Store are to improve on the feature set of the stock offering.

Another thing about smartphones in particular, and mobile phones in general, is that they have effectively replaced wrist watches as time keepers. You need to check what time it is? In most cases, you’ll find yourself pulling out your smartphone to confirm. Then, even watches have started bonding with smartphones to some effect, taking example of the famous Sony Ericsson Live View and the Pebble Smartwatch. It won’t be stretching too much to say that smartphones have now become our first choice as timekeepers.

TimmoClock is one clock app for Android that addresses something very specific. In essence, it’s a full-screen desk clock app that features two different brightness modes and two widgets.


The app is basically just a desk clock just like any other, but the developer’s focus seems to have been around the very specific problem of checking the time when you’re asleep. Since a bright light in the middle of the night inside a dark room can pretty much burn your eyes, TimmoClock offers a low brightness mode for you to check time when you wake up at night from a sweet slumber. In full-screen mode, the app also features four shortcuts (Camera, Play Store, Search and Browser) for easy access, although it beats me as to what criteria was used when deciding which apps you’re most likely to access when your phone is docked.

TimmoClock also comes with two analog clock widgets that you can place anywhere; however, not only are they aesthetically challenged, but also, not anything spectacular.


While being just your run of the mill desk clock app for Android, TimmoClock does focus on something that’s neither very common nor used by everyone (i.e., checking time in total darkness). It does go to show, however, that how much attention the developers pay to such detail, bringing forth apps this specific. The app is available for free at the Google Play Store.

(Source: TimmoClock for Android on the Play Store)

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