The Story Behind Evasi0n7 Untethered Jailbreak [Part 2]

The jailbreak drama that started with the unexpected release of Evasi0n7 and then subsequent discovery of piracy on the Chinese jailbreak store, TaiG, is far from over. As the Internet’s delight over the available of Evasi0n7 as an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 – 7.0.4 devices changed to fury, Evad3rs came up with a long justification for how things had unfolded when all of this happened and clarified their position. This, however, did not stop people like Geohot and Saurik from expressing their concerns and displeasure with the practices that Evad3rs had apparently employed.

Earlier on, the team behind the jailbreak had cleared up their disposition on the matter in a lengthy letter to the jailbreak community, and we brought you our detailed analysis of the story as well. Now, since the earlier explanation was probably not enough, and since the Internet explosions continued to resound, here comes part 2 of Evad3rs’ explanation, clarifying further what went wrong and whether they had intentionally made any mistakes.

iOS 7 Jailbreak

The letter, which is addressed to the jailbreak community, first and foremost clarifies any privacy concerns related to Evasi0n7, and explicitly states that no data was ever provided to any service as part of the jailbreak process. In essence, they claim that, “as a member of the community whose work frees devices, it would be against everything we’ve worked for the last 7 years to jeopardize the security of the users of our software.” They also clarify that in order to ensure safety and security of Evasi0n7 users, they reverse engineered TaiG’s code to verify it didn’t transmit any identifiable information.

The letter also clarifies what has already been stated many times already – TaiG’s partnership explicitly banned piracy from their store, and they are actively tracking down illegitimate material and banning it altogether. Evad3rs neither knew nor acknowledged the availability of such content, and hence, they did not condone it. Still, to respect the community’s wishes, they broke all deals with TaiG and discourage the availability of a cracked version of Evasi0n7 on their website that still installs TaiG.


The third point is something quite important – Evad3rs did not make any money from this jailbreak and the entire fiasco associated with it. In fact, they are not even taking any donations. To quote from the letter, “Our donations are being given to Public Knowledge, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure to help protect jailbreaking as your legal right.”

Here’s the letter in full:


You can also read the whole letter on the official website here.

It’s good to see Evad3rs, being the respectable community members that they are, not shying away from taking responsibility or clarifying their position. The fact that their findings have already been verified by independent critics such as Geohot helps and puts us at ease with respect to putting our trust back in the jailbreak dream team. Mistakes happen.

You fix them, you move on. There’s nothing personal involved here.

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