The new WPF-based Editor in Visual Studio 2010

Jason Zander – the General Manager of Visual Studio Developer Division unveiled the new WPF-based UI of the upcoming Visual Studio 2010. One of the biggest visual change which Microsoft is trying to bring into this 2010 release of Visual Studio is that they are trying to completely redesign the Visual Studio editor shell – bringing in a rich WPF-based UI, pretty much similar to what they already have for their designer tools like Expression Blend.



The new enhanced editor in Visual Studio 2010 will delivers a modern user experience for developers that make understanding the current context more natural. The new experience will include:

  • Clear UI Organization
  • Reduced clutter and complexity
  • Improved editor
  • Better support for floating documents and windows
  • Enhanced document targeting
  • Focused animations for action feedback

Jason has promised that the general public will be able to try out the new features, including the new WPF-based UI and .NET Framework 4.0 when Visual Studio 2010 Beta is released however he was tight-lipped when asked about any expected release date for the Visual Studio 2010 Beta.

Microsoft first showcased a CTP version of Visual Studio 2010 to public back in September 2008 which didn’t include the new WPF-based editor.