The Latest Microsoft Office Labs Downloads

Just came across these latest projects at Microsoft Office Labs. These projects work with Microsoft Office 2007 and provide cool new functionality. I think these guys come out with some pretty cool stuff, and after trying the Chart Advisor, I’m highly impressed. The Email Prioritizer isn’t bad either for times when you just want to take a break from new email and go through your most important ones first.

From the website:

Chart Advisor


Chart Advisor is a prototype that provides an alternate approach for creating charts in Excel 2007. This add-in uses an advanced rules engine to scan your data and, based on predefined rules, displays charts according to score. Top scoring charts are available for you to preview, tweak, and insert into your Excel worksheet.

Email Prioritizer


Email Prioritizer is a plug-in for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (running on Exchange Server) that helps you manage email overload. This concept test provides a “do not disturb” button that temporarily pauses new email arrival, and prioritizes email with a 0-3 star rating system.

Do give these plug-ins a try, specially the Chart Advisor one if you have a lot of use for spreadsheets and reports. It lets you display your data in different graphical formats a whole lot easier than before.