Tesla’s Cybertruck Could Be The Best-Selling Electric Truck In the United States

Tesla’s Cybertruck might be the best-selling electric pickup truck in the United States right now, although it’s hard to know for sure thanks to the company’s opaque stats.

Electrek reports that the Q2 figures for Tesla’s deliveries include 21,551 “other models” which includes a number of EVs including the Cybertruck, Model S, Model X, and Tesla Semi trucks.

However, some recalls might have given us a hint at how many of those “other models” are Cybertrucks, the report explains.

With a few recalls last month, Tesla confirmed that it had produced 11,688 Cybertrucks as of June 6.

A previous recall confirmed that Tesla had produced 3,878 Cybertruck as of mid-April.

The difference between those two figures is around 7,800 Cybertrucks and with the report suggesting that “you subtract a few for the last few weeks of April and then add a thousand or two for the rest of June,” you can make the assumption that Tesla shipped between 8,000 and 9,000 Cybertrucks in its second quarter.

For the sake of comparison, Ford delivered 7,902 F-150 Lightning trucks in the same period of 2024. The GM Silverado EV saw 2,196 units shipped while Rivian’s figures include both the R1S and delivery vans which means the R1T pickup truck’s figures will be considerably less than the 13,700 total EV shipments the company managed.

Assuming all of those assumptions and guesses are on the money, the Cybertruck is now the most popular electric pickup truck in the United States. Probably.

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