Tech Deals: Xbox Live Gold, Extra Long Lightning Cable, Collectible Android Figures, More

The best things in life may not come free, but good things definitely do. We are back once again with some awesome deals on tech products that you can order right now to play around with on this weekend.

Today’s technology deals may be packed full of goodies like memory cards with a huge amount of storage, and an excellent 12 months subscription to all of the goodness that Xbox Live Gold brings, but it has to be the cute, unique little Android mini collectible figures that steal the day this time around. There’s also an extra long Apple-certified Lightning cable, and if  you’re an into sport and adventure photography, there’s an epic accessories bundle kit for the GoPro camera.


If there’s a product in there that you have your heart set on, grab it quickly before the offer expires or the stock runs out.

Check it out!

128GB High Speed MicroSD Card ($29.97, usually $45)


If you’re looking for the perfect memory card accessory for your smartphone, tablet or even an action camera, then the PNY 128GB high speed microSD card could be the option. That’s 128GB of quality external memory that should be able to store around 45,000 photographs. It’s also magnet proof, shock proof, temperature proof, waterproof, and available at a discounted price right now.

Buy: PNY 128GB High Speed MicroSD Card from Amazon: $29.97 | Original price: $45

Xbox Live Gold 12 Months Subscription ($39.99, usually $59.99)


What’s better than having the latest Xbox game running on your awesome Xbox One console? Connecting that console to the Internet and playing multiplayer games against other players across the world of course. Now, with this reduced cost 12 months Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can do exactly that for one single payment.

Buy: Xbox Live Gold 12 Months Subscription from Amazon: $39.99 | Original price: $60

Google Android Mini Collectible Figures ($8.35, usually $29.99)


This one is really only going to appeal to the hardcore Android fanboys, we imagine. If you’ve already decided that Android well and truly wins the war over iOS, then why not celebrate that victory with some awesome little Android mini collectible figures? These quirky little vinyl toys have been designed by a collection of artists, and come in an assorted pack.

Buy: Google Android Mini Collectible Figures from Amazon: $8.35 | Original price: $30

Apple-Certified Lighting Cable, Extra Long 2.7m ($9.49, usually $39.99)


If you happen to be an iPhone or iPad owner, then the chances are that you’ve come across a less than adequate Lightning cable in your time. Apple openly acknowledges that its Lightning cable design isn’t exactly perfect, paving the way for third-party accessory makers like Anker to produce these extra-long, premium Apple-certified cables that hopefully solve the problems that Apple’s own cables introduce.

Buy: Apple-Certified Lighting Cable, Extra Long 2.7m from Amazon: $9.49 | Original price: $40

GoPro Camera Accessories Bundle Kit ($23.98, usually $99.99)


Purchasing an excellent GoPro camera is the first step toward being able to record high-definition video when taking part in extreme sports or some underwater activities. Of course, like a lot of products, the experience gets a lot better when you add accessories to compliment the main hardware. This accessories bundle comes with 20 different kinds of accessories, made up of a total of 42 individual pieces.

Buy: GoPro Camera Accessories Bundle Kit from Amazon: $23.98 | Original price: $100

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