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Taking screenshots on Android phones and tablets has always been a pretty jumbled up issue. I do remember the time when taking a screenshot on my HTC Wildfire was actually real-time tinkering and hacking with my Wi-Fi network etc. However as development for Android gathers pace every day, there is now an app available that not only takes screenshots on your phone / tablet but also allows saving images in PNG or JPEG formats. The app under discussion is Screenshot ER for Android and according to its developer, ftgg99 from XDA, “ER is for emergency room, because it works where nothing else does”.

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One feature that we all have come to love on iOS devices is the ability to take screenshots natively, without having to jailbreak, or install any third party app. On the other hand on Android phones, taking screenshots has always been a pain. It requires you to root your device, and then get this functionality either via custom ROM, or by using a third-party app.

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