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There is no doubt that smartphones are becoming everyone’s favorite digital cameras, capable of taking pictures more easily and quickly while still maintaining an acceptable level of quality. According to a new report, Nokia is taking this to a whole new level by introducing a new Nokia Lumia smartphone, running Windows Phone 8, which sports a 41-megapixel camera on the back.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, as the saying goes; but within some of the biggest technology companies, it’s more like the time to be leaving. After Scott Forstall’s departure from Apple at the end of last month following decades of service to the Cupertino company, Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky also decided it was time to call it a day at Microsoft, having helped bring the Surface and Windows 8 to market. Now Damien Dinning, head of Nokia’s imaging department, has opted to leave the Finnish company, just weeks after the release of the flagship Lumia 920 on Windows Phone 8.

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While Nokia’s own Symbian mobile OS has crumbled into relative obscurity, the Finnish company’s decision to hop aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon has proved relatively successful so far. The Lumia devices proved to be a big hit with consumers opting for WP7, and naturally, the onus is now on Nokia to deliver again with Windows Phone 8, which will release alongside the main star of the show, Windows 8, on October 26th.

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