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Sony has announced today that it plans to partner with Activison to introduce yet another gaming bundle to the market, this time based off of the highly popular – practically a household name – first-person shooter, Modern Warfare 3. The bundle will include a 320GB PS3, and of course, a copy of MW3 for the decent cost of $299.

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Remember that Call of Duty Elite subscription based multiplayer that we told you about? Well it’s kinda-sorta live, and you can sign up for the beta right now!

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The number of times loose lips get people into trouble, you’d think people would learn wouldn’t you? The culprit this time is one Craig Fairbrass, a voice actor for the two current Modern Warfare games. In an interview with UK radio station talkSPORT, the voice of Ghost and Gaz let slip that he’s currently working on a big game that’s reportedly costing $200m to make. That narrows it down then!

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