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Modern Combat 5: Blackout is now available to download on the new Apple TV 4 as a universal app. It brings FPS gaming to the new Apple TV and supports MFi third-party gaming controllers as well.

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Critics of Apple have suggested that the iPhone range has only seen incremental upgrades over the past few years, and given the lack of NFC, the late showing of LTE and the 4-inch display of the current flagship, they do have a point. But while the continued processor / graphics bumps and camera upgrades don’t seem a world apart from release to release, the leap in overall performance is quite noticeable when you skip a generation or two. Case in point, the new release of the graphically-intensive Modern Combat 5, which, as you’ll see below, is quite a different animal on an iPhone 4S versus the current but not high-end iPhone 5c.

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Mobile gaming has been growing at an impossible rate ever since the iPhone and Android smartphones arrived, and Gameloft is one developer that has made a handsome business out of games that are built for smartphones and tablets. One of Gameloft’s most successful and indeed most popular games, Modern Combat, has received a launch trailer for the latest game in the franchise.

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