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Revealed in late 2011, Siri the personal assistant has become one of iOS’ most recognized features at least on the latest iOS devices. It was updated recently at WWDC 2012, bringing new features such as being able to take queries regarding sports and movies, Facebook integration and support for the new iPad.

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When Siri was introduced back in early October, it was regarded as one of iPhone 4S’s greatest features. Siri, as most of you already know, is a voice-based personal assistant and a knowledge navigator that uses natural language processing to let users give it a wide variety of questions and commands in everyday language. It then taps into services like Yelp!, Google, Wolfram-Alpha and iOS system apps to give the required answer.

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When Apple released the iPhone 4S to the world, it was more than a new iPhone – it brought with it a new way of interacting with technology. That new way was the first real way of talking to a piece of software using natural language. Yes we have had voice commands before, but software was listening for very specific words and a very specific syntax. Siri changed that.

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