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Google surprised everyone when they announced that they’re going to end support for Exchange ActiveSync on all platforms except Android. iOS users took a big hit because many users were using the service on stock iOS apps to keep their Gmail, Google contacts and calendar data in sync with other devices. We’ve already walked you through the process on how to set up CardDAV to sync Google contacts on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and now, we’ll show you how to sync your calendar data to Gmail / Google ID as well by using the CalDAV protocol. Complete details and step-by-step guide right after the jump.

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Google no longer supports Exchange ActiveSync protocol to sync email, contacts and calendar stored on free Gmail / Google IDs with third party apps. If you have setup Google Sync via Exchange on your iPhone before Jan 30th of this year, you wouldn’t notice any problem, until you reset the device and try to setup your account using EAS again. Also, if you try to setup Google Sync on a brand new iOS device, you will be greeted with “Cannot get mail, the connection to the server failed” message.

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Google has updated Google Sync for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Three new features have been announced. Google Sync is used to keep your iOS device’s, and in sync with your Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts (respectively).

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