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In just under a week of official release, Nexus One has already got custom cooked ROMs waiting to be flashed on the said handset. Paul over at the Modaco forums has released one of the first custom ROM for Nexus One which packs a custom kernel, and includes busybox, nano 2.09, parted and sqlite tools, Wireless Tethering option (Yay!), titanium backup and more.

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We informed you about the Google Nexus One when it was rooted even before the official launch. And now with just under a week of release, Nexus One has been hacked already to enable both wireless and wired (via usb) tethering option in Android 2.1. Folks over at the XDA forums have released some add-ons, which needs to be flashed over the top of the existing Android 2.1 firmware to get it to work.

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