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Ask any seasoned jailbreaker and they will be able to tell you that the Cydia Store is literally jam-packed full of themes and aesthetic customizations which are designed to make an iPhone or iPad look as different as possible from the native iOS look. This isn’t because designers believe there is anything wrong with the visuals in iOS per se, but jailbreaking is about the freedom to alter and change the way a stock iOS device looks and behaves, and producing themes is one way to drastically do that.

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WinterBoard’s sheer dominance in the iOS jailbreak theming market is, so far, unmatched. But in recent times, DreamBoard has emerged a veritable challenger to the undisputed champion. And today, that challenger has gone free.

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WinterBoard has been the skinning app of choice for many-a-jailbreaker for a good long while now, and it’s done a sterling job. Now though, it’s perhaps time for a challenger to try to break the equilibrium. That challenger is DreamBoard.

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