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If you’re an Xbox 360 owner then you’re probably acutely aware that Microsoft has a brand new, completely revamped version of the Dashboard is on the way. Being the main interface into everything that goes on inside an Xbox 360, the Dashboard is an integral part of the experience, and this upcoming update is the biggest change it has undergone in quite some time.

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Demoed officially earlier this year at E3, the Metro-style Xbox 360 Dashboard Update for 2011 has been caught being browsed through in a leaked video which you can watch after the jump!

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If you’re an Xbox 360 user, you’re likely always striving for added features and enhanced software, and so far Microsoft hasn’t treated its users badly at all, with new updates coming up fairly often, including a major user interface redesign in the past years. Now, it seems as if Microsoft is gearing up for a another new Dashboard update for the Xbox 360.

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