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Here is yet another alternative to Mobile Safari on iPhone and iPod touch. The iDroid Mini browser brings Android browser’s look and feel to the iPhone platform.

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iPhone Theme Simulator is a neat little tool which enables you to test and design your themes for Winterboard app right on Windows PC or Mac without having to load it up each time on the iPhone just to test it. For those of you who don’t know, Winterboard is a free app available in Cydia which enables you to customize the appearance of your jailbroken iPhone in almost anyway you like.

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iPhone Explorer is a new software for Windows and Mac which enables you to use your iPhone and iPod touch like a USB flash drive without having to enable SSH. We all know how dangerous can enabling SSH prove to be, with all the recent worms and virus attacks which can compromise your privacy through SSH. With iPhone Explorer, you can now easily browse files and folders as if it was a normal USB flash or pen drive without having to enable SSH.

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