SMS Flash For Android Displays Your SMS In An Unobtrusive Popup Window For Minimal Fuss

With new releases of smartphone devices regularly offering improved hardware performance beyond belief (see the Samsung Galaxy S III, for example), the standard of gaming is improving at an incredible rate, and although hardcore gamers are renowned for sitting on their couches playing Xbox or PlayStation, more and more are now getting their fix on-the-fly.

Given that the quality of gameplay and visuals is so high, we can often find ourselves completely immersed in the game, and soon forget that we’re using our smartphone as opposed to a standalone games console. That sense of being lost in the game is quickly halted, however, when we’re rudely interrupted by an SMS. Often, it’s when we’re about to take the most important shot / swipe, and even more frequently, the SMS contains a message of little or no relevance.


Of course, being interrupted at that key moment can be of great irritation, but an Android app called SMS Flash aims to break the cycle by offering an unobtrusive way for messages to be read without the game having to be paused.

The app’s logo looks remarkably similar to the Xbox logo, which is just as well since SMS Flash is designed specifically for gamers. It displays incoming SMS as soon as they are received in a notification-like way which doesn’t force you to interact. Therefore, if you don’t deem the message important enough for your undivided attention, it will remove itself after a couple of seconds and you can ignore it.


Usually, the SMS pop-up prioritizes itself over the game you are playing or the movie you are enjoying, but SMS Flash simply shows you the message quickly before making itself scarce, leaving you to continue enjoying your medium of entertainment. Also, you can manually dismiss SMS Flash on first touch of the proximity sensor, and if you do wish to read its content, you can extend the display time by simply touching and holding the box.

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It’s absolutely free to download over at the Google Play Store, and at 54KB, it won’t be a burden on your storage space. If you find yourself gaming on your Android device on a frequent basis, SMS Flash is a must-download.

Download SMS Flash for Android [Google Play link]

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