Screen Filter For Android Lets You Reduce Your Display Brightness Beyond Default Lowest Setting For Night-Time Viewing And Saving Battery Life

Mobile devices like the recently launched 3rd generation iPad which has a 9.7” display whose resolution – 2048×1536 – is higher than any commercial LCD HDTV in the market today. Then, we have phones like the Galaxy Nexus which has a 720p Super AMOLED HD display that is sharper, has a wider color palette, and even wider viewing angles than the TVs/monitors that we have at home. These displays are simply amazing in every way.

But, there is one problem, especially with AMOLED displays: they are just too bright! I have a Samsung Galaxy S II which has a Super AMOLED Plus display. I use it at its lowest possible brightness* and still find it too bright in low-light environments.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem. Check it out after the jump!


2012-03-25 19.04.14

Developed by haxor industry, Screen Filter [Play Store Link] is one of the most useful one-trick apps on Android. It’s only function is to reduce your display’s brightness with two objectives in mind: to ensure it doesn’t look like the sun is looking in your face when you use your phone in a low-light environment and to save battery life.

I’ve been using the app for the past few weeks and have found it to work really, really well. You can adjust just how much you want to lower your screen’s brightness (from the lowest Android built-in setting to next to a completely dark screen). Screen Filter also comes with a widget for one-tap enabling/disabling of its settings. Further, it can integrate with Tasker/Locale so you can enable Screen Filter based on your location or time of day.

2012-03-25 19.00.39

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*I only use the highest brightness setting when I’m viewing the display in direct sunlight (or when I’m showing the device’s amazing display to friends)

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