Samsung’s New Galaxy S II Ad Takes A Shot At The Apple Cult [VIDEO]

We’ve all heard the old adage of ‘if you can’t beat them, try to ridicule them,’ right? No? Well perhaps someone should have told Samsung that.

Galaxy S II

The Korean company has launched a new TV ad touting the wares of its Samsung Galalaxy S II Android phone, but instead of talking about some of its awesome features, Samsung seems more inclined to just, well, try and poke fun at users of Apple’s iPhone.

See, Samsung seems to think that the best way to run an advertising campaign is to try and suggest that those who like Apple’s iPhone are lemmings, simply buying the latest iDevices simply because it’s new and shiny. The one-minute ad shows people queuing outside remarkably accurate-looking Apple Stores and appearing happy to wait for hours before getting their new phone. Samsung then shows some owners of its own phone happily carrying on with their lives.

For the vast majority of the 60 seconds we’re sat watching the ad, we’re looking at people buying an iPhone rather than the actual device the ad is there to promote, which smacks to us of a company more concerned with knocking the competition than showing off what its own devices are capable of. An interesting approach, that is for sure!

The ad continues with one proud Apple-ite exclaiming that he could never buy a Samsung because he "is a creative," to which is fellow iPhone fan exclaims "You’re a barista." Top marks to Samsung’s ad agency for a hint of comedy there, we have to admit.

So what has Samsung succeeded in doing with this ad? Well, they’ve pretty much admitted that Apple’s iPhone is so popular that people are willing to queue up for hours in order to get one, which sounds more like an ad for said iPhone than one having a pop at it! How long are the queues for Samsung’s hardware? Clearly people don’t want a Galaxy S II that much, then.

Overall we’d give Samsung a B+ on this one – nice try, if a little off in its execution. Still, there’s always next time. The Galaxy Nexus will be launching in the United States soon.

People probably won’t bother queuing up for that, either.

(via Cnet)

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