Samsung Releases New Galaxy S II Ad: Pokes Fun At iTunes In The Cloud And iTunes Match [VIDEO]

Samsung has released another ad in their series of The Next Big Thing ads in which they specifically target Apple’s iPhone and iPhone enthusiasts.

iPhone 4S Skyrocket

The news comes from our friends over at 9to5Mac – a blog dedicated to covering all things Apple – in the form of a short post in which they discuss the ad.

Titled The Next Big Thing – Movies & Music, Samsung’s latest ad target’s Apple’s cloud computing services, specifically iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match, both of which help users keep their music synced across different devices and available for streaming through any Apple device connected to the internet.

Galaxy S II

From 9to5Mac:

We’re not quite sure why Samsung is adamant on insulting its potential future customers, but here it is: A new Galaxy SII commercial that exploits the line waiters theme first seen in last month’s commercials and bashing on Facebook. The new commercial once again depicts Apple fans queued up for a new iPhone.

The ad starts with a Galaxy S II owner taking off his headphones, saying “You guys are still here?” to three people who are waiting in line, presumably for an iPhone 4S (the ad doesn’t say this directly, but it is easy to get). “36 hours is a small price to pay to keep my music and movies (in the cloud)”, says one of the iPhone enthusiasts.

That’s when the Galaxy S II owner says, “I have all my playlists right here, my music streams from the cloud and I have tons of places to buy my music”. He is, of course, referring to Market Movies and Google Music which lets you store up to 20,000 songs for free which you can sync and stream to smartphones as well as any computer which has a capable enough browser.

The ad has been embedded below for your viewing pleasure:

As amusing as the ads may be, I feel they are sending out the wrong message and are counterproductive. Instead of targeting deficient features of the iPhone (which do exist if you look for them), the ads actually target iPhone enthusiasts who are labeled as “hipsters” who only stand in line for Apple products because they think they are “creative”. In my humble opinion, it’s not a good strategy since it is going to chafe more people than convince them to get an Android device.

What do you think about these ads?

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