Samsung Posts Yawn-Worthy 13-Minute Hands-On With Galaxy Camera [VIDEO]

Samsung has brought an interesting product to the table in the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but unfortunately, its walkthrough video of the new product makes 13 minutes seem like 30, which doesn’t bode well for consumer excitement in the device itself. The clip runs through some of the camera’s many great features, and it will be intriguing to see just how many units this thing manages to shift.

Aside from the bore-fest of a video, the Galaxy Camera is rather a step up from the increasing number of smart cameras available on the market. It offers a near full-on Android experience, allowing you to install the likes of Instagram and Facebook before directly uploading your beautiful shots to these networks. By presenting budding photography aficionados with an agreeable, recognized interface from which to improve their image-shooting abilities, Samsung has certainly found a niche, but the question is, is said niche significant enough to change the way we look at photography as a whole?

Galaxy Camera splash

As smartphones have gotten better, so have their cameras, and where many of us had an interest in taking photos that could not be realized without the inconvenience of going out and buying separate entity, the likes of the iPhone and Galaxy S series have groomed a new generation of photo lovers.

Of the Galaxy Camera walkthrough itself, I was impressed by the wide set of features, and with a relatively slick design compared with the chunkier DSLRs, it could proved that happy median for photo lovers to enjoy higher-resolution images. If you’re interested in the concept of the Galaxy Camera, I highly recommend you watch the video, and by the end – if you’ve managed to keep your eyes open – I believe you’ll gave all-but made up your mind as to whether it’s an investment you are prepared to make.

Reviews thus far of the Galaxy Camera have been generally positive in nature, and if you want to pick one up for your image-taking needs this holiday season, it is already available for 500 bucks on United States carrier AT&T.

Galaxy Camera back 2

Will you be purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Camera? Please share your thoughts on the product by dropping a comment via the usual mediums below.

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