Samsung Galaxy S II Vs iPhone 4 In Video Battle

Samsung’s Galaxy S II is the current Android king, so it’s only natural that it’s being thrown into the ring with the current premium handset of choice for the masses, Apple’s iPhone 4. In a new video for PocketNow, Brandon Miniman has taken the two smartphones and thrown them into a battle royale to see which is best.


Of course, ‘best’ is a strange thing. ‘Best’ means different things to different people. ‘Best’ could mean the handset with the larges, brightest, more contrast-filled screen while it could mean the handset with the most app-rich store on the planet.

PocketNow’s video does a good job of comparing the two phones through a selection of categories while staying impartial. The full video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure, but the gist of it is this – the Galaxy S II’s screen is gorgeous, with 4.3-inches of bright, colorful pixels although the brightness does seem to come at the expense of accurate color reproduction as shown in a side-by-side comparison in the video. Build quality is better than the usual Samsung fare, which is a good thing considering the premium market they are trying to aim the phone at. By all accounts though the iPhone 4’s mix of glass and metal still proves to be a winning combination in the quality and feel stakes.

Web browsing speed tests show off the shear power of Samsung’s offering, with its dual-core 1.2GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM helping it throw images onto that huge screen faster than Apple’s iPhone 4 – hardware that is by no means a slouch.

We’ll not spoil the video any more than that, so be sure to give the full 15 minutes a watch and make your own mind up whether all that power is worth the hassles that come bundled with every Android phone bar Google’s own.

Oh, and if any Samsung PR people are reading this, we’d love a review unit so we could make our own minds up too!

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