Robin For Android Is An Intelligent Voice Assistant For Drivers Which Features Eyes-Free Mode And More

Having the ability to effectively control consumer technology through audible commands is widely regarded as the future direction in which tech companies will eventually go down. Since the introduction of Apple’s Siri last October, a number of clone apps have popped up on various platforms, and although most of them profess to be a ‘Siri Killer’, it has always seemed rather strange to me that they compare themselves to Siri rather than attempt to standalone.

One of the latest apps which Android users can benefit from in this genre of software is the Robin app that is available for Android users running version 2.1 and above. The developers, Magnifis Inc., are billing Robin as a personal eyes-free assistant on the road, which in all honesty seems to be a phrase ripped directly from Apple’s opening keynote presentation to describe future Siri vehicle integration. All of the features of the Robin app are totally geared toward helping out drivers in a real-time environment, providing assistance on the road. In certain circumstances, having the ability to get quick answers to certain questions and situations while driving can only be a good thing.

Right out of the box, Robin has the ability to provide directions to addresses and points of interest, and also takes the user to local places which are showing up nearby on the map. Providing real-time parking locations is probably one of the best features of the app, as I am sure we have all been stuck in situations where we need to abandon the car for a day of shopping or a movie and can’t find a good parking spot. Up to date traffic information and feedback of gas prices will no doubt be of real appeal to anyone, and considering the rising price of gasoline, it can never be bad to be able to find the cheapest local gas station where you can feed your vehicle.

As is usually the case with applications that provide assistant-type features, Robin is still classed as a student and therefore will constantly adapt and learn from the commands and feedback given to her. One of the great features which the developers have integrated is how Robin is activated, it can be done through the use of a hand gesture or a brush over the top brim of the device. Once Robin has passed control over to a different application on the device for whatever reason, being able to still provide commands is a great little addition. Considering the Robin app is a live beta on the Play Store, it will be interesting to see how the app evolves over time, but at the minute it certainly seems like a decent option for U.S-based travellers.

Download Robin for Android [Google Play Link]

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