Report Says iPhone 4S Users Consume Twice As Much Data As Their iPhone 4-Owning Counterparts

Studies are everywhere, and chances are if you look hard enough you can find a study on just about anything, and to support your particular point of view. It’s the beauty of the internet!

iPhone 4S Siri

The latest study to come out of the iPhone space is an interesting one, and one that claims that those of us using an iPhone 4S consume twice as much data as our iPhone 4-owning friends. That’s a lot of data, considering the iPhone 4 was now slouch in the usage department.

Furthermore, the study, carried out by Telecom network technology firm Arieso, claims that the iPhone 4S uses three times as much data as the long-in-the-tooth iPhone 3GS.

It has always been known that those of us who carry an iPhone tend to use more data than most, thanks to all those lovely apps and such, but why is the amount of data being used continuing to increase with each iPhone release?


Arieso believes that new features such as Siri could be to blame, with the digital assistant sending and receiving data each time it is used. While the actual data transmission may be small, if you use Siri a lot then over a month it all tends to add up. In fact, the study discovered that Siri could use up to 30MB a month of data, depending on usage patterns. If you’re a heavy Siri user, than it might be worth keeping an eye on those meters.

With Sprint being the only major US carrier still offering unlimited data, studies like this show that calls and SMS are no longer where the carriers intend to make their money, with data becoming much more of a cash cow if your customers are willing to pay for it.

The study also discovered that 1% of high-use subscribers used half of all data, showing that those who really make use of their devices are the ones that use a lot of data. Everyone else makes up the remaining 50%.

As our devices become more and more reliant on the internet, and we continue to live more of our lives online than ever, the amount of data used will only continue to increase.

(via Bloomberg)

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