Relive The 1990s With This Flip Case For iPhone

Although I am relatively still youthful and full of vitality and zest, I am old enough to remember the good old days of yester-year when technology was nowhere near as advanced or feature packed as it is now, but we were still  blown away by being able to play block based games on the latest Motorola flip phone or set polyphonic ringtones on our Nokia. I will always remember bounding through the school gates on a Monday morning with my Nokia 3310 in hand, excited about showing classmates the ‘Snake’ game which came built in with it, feeling a sense of pride that I was one of the few to have a mobile telephone at school.

Skip forward a decade and the technology of that era is hardly recognizable. Large, slab type mobile telephones have been replaced by beautiful, sleek smartphones, powered by advanced mobile operating systems. Communicator type devices now fall into either the smartphone or tablet category and pack more processing power and storage than most desktop machines did back then. All in all, we have made huge steps in the advancement of mobile technology, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have find memories of our devices ancestors.

If it came down to it, I am pretty sure that we would all choose to have the tech that we do now. Devices such as the iPhone and iPad have changed the way we operate on a daily basis, making information more accessible and bringing about an extensive accessories industry which offers everything from skins and protectors to cases and speakers. One such accessory comes from the creators over at thumbsUp! and is sure to open the nostalgia gates as it sits perfectly around your beautiful iPhone, giving it that 1990’s retro flip phone look and feel.


The case itself looks like it fits perfectly around the iPhone 4 and 4S, giving access to all of the iPhone hard keys as necessary as well as easy touch access to the screen. If an incoming call is received, it is as simple as flipping the top half of the case open and taking the call as normal, except as you are speaking you can reminisce about all of the 90s goodness. The great thing about the case is not the fact that offers the old school clam shell design, but that is also comes with a working speaker lid as well as the must have extendable aerial. They really have though of everything.

The thumbsUP! 90s iPhone case is set to be available in the United Kingdom in the summer and will cost around £14.99 / $24.00.

(via Gizmodo)

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