Record Internet Radio on Mac OS X through Snowtape

Snowtape is the most simple and convenient way to download internet radio for Mac OS X users. It is an excellent product that has taken internet radio to a whole new level. Snowtape requires Mac OS X 10.5.2 (or above), Intel- or PowerPC- based Mac with Broadband internet connection. You can try Snowtape for free to fill up your iPhone or iPod.

With Snowtape you can:

Listen to your favorites songs that are on Radio


You can select from thousands of radio stations to listen to and add the desired songs to your iTunes playlist. There is also a favorite list available to keep the list of your favorite stations in track.

Record with a single click

Just click the record button while listening to your favorite station and the recording starts instantly.

Edit the Recordings

A great addition is that you can cut the recordings from the ends as much as you like. This is to remove the unwanted part of the recordings. With the track editor you can cut out any piece of audio that you don’t like with the added convenience that potential commercials or interludes can be identified.

Get Album Artwork

Snowtape partners with to provide you album artwork and additional album metadata. Mostly, Snowtape will download this information automatically for you. Otherwise, you can search and add any album info and cover artwork that you may like.

Export to iTunes

The audio track is encoded to high quality AAC audio and saved into your iTunes on a single click. At the same time, Album artwork and track titles are exported as iTunes Audio Tags which get incorporated into the audio track.

Import Internet Playlists

You can import PLS , .M3U, .XSPF and .Webloc URL files. Drop your files onto the radio list or select the Import Files option from the application menu – Snowtape will only import the ones that work.

Drag & Drop iTunes Radio

You can import a radio station by simply clicking and dragging it from the iTunes list. It works well with any radio station you have previously imported to the iTunes Store and with the iTunes radio catalogue.

Gorgeous Mini Controller

It a pretty useful addition if you want to listen to the music in the background or want a smaller screen. You can play, pause, record, change the volume and see what’s currently playing.

iTunes Recommendations

On a click you can go to the iTunes store if it has the song currently being played.

Partnership with

RadioURL shortens the long radio stream URLs just like You can make a shorter URL through the site and if you click on the new URL you can listen to the radio station immediately., then, forwards the link to Snowtape, which starts streaming instantly.

For more detail of how this great app works, watch this video:

The application is a treat for all the music lovers. Enjoy!