Raskin 1.2 Brings iOS-Style Experience to the Mac !

Raskin Software today has announced an update to its zoom-able Finder alternative for the Mac OS X. Raskin for Mac OS X utilizes an iOS-style visual interface to represent all your files and images on a single page without the need to open the native Finder on the machine. This saves a considerable amount of time and more importantly can be more than handy for non-Mac users or those who have just migrated to OS X.

Raskin for Mac

Raskin 1.2 adds lots of new features to enhance your OS X experience. This includes:

  • “Zoom away” from any document straight into Raskin [⌥⌘-Scroll or ⌥⌘R]
  • NEW: Drag and drop items to any destination outside Raskin
  • NEW: Drag and drop any item onto the Raskin Surface to reveal a preview at its location
  • NEW: “Bird’s-Eye Windows in Raskin” [⌥⌘⇧R] to reveal open windows for a single running application
  • “Zoom in” to open document in its application
  • Real-world animated zoom transitions
  • Improved “Open with” over Finder
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Built-in support and automatic updates

Raskin for Mac

Other features include a new user interface, zoom-in capability for all file types, and a new shortcut to reveal open windows. You can also customize the look and feel with added options to better suit your usability.

If for some reason you haven’t bought Apple’s Magic Trackpad yet, Raskin is one big reason why you should go buy one right now.

You can avail the special holiday sale at the Raskin site till January 15, 2011 in which they are offering two copies of the Raskin software for $55. That’s cheap given the single license copy costs $49. This maybe the perfect time to get one for yourself. Raskin can be downloaded from here.

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