Rainy Days For Android Is A Fast And Accurate Rain Radar

Weather apps are not usually that interesting, and we’re usually no more interested than the majority of you guys, but this particular weather app piqued our interest, if only because it uses fancy-looking radar images. We’re suckers for the shiny, you know!

Weather. You can’t help but be ruled by it. Sometimes it’s scorching and all the fans on your web server are going mental, and sometimes you can’t feel your extremities because of the cold. Yep, the weather’s awesome.

Possibly the most tangible weather is rain. You can’t really miss rain because, obviously enough, when it’s raining you get wet. That’s as good a reason as any to want to know when it is likely to rain, helping you make an informed decision as to whether you’re going to pack that extra coat, or pick up that umbrella.


If you’re a smartphone owner, then you’re probably already tied to your weather apps, keeping an eagle eye out on what is forecast for the week ahead, and planning your busy life around that. Awesome, keep up the good work. But, if rain is your bag, then there’s an Android app that offers something a little more specific and, we have to say, a little more interesting.

Rainy Days, a free Android app, offers an animated rain radar for American and Europe. It’s worth noting that the radars used display the incoming rain, rather than the clouds, which makes for a more accurate representation of what is going to happen and, more importantly, whether you’re likely to get all soaked from that water pouring from the sky!


Those who like their science will be interested to know what technology is behind the images that are generated by Rainy Days. We’re told that Doppler images from buienradar, meteox, vaderradar, eumetsat and nws using Google Maps are in there somewhere, and who are we to argue with the man behind the app?

If you like to know when it is going to rain, and when it’s not, then Rainy Days for Android may be right up your street. Bringing radar images to your smartphone, the app is free and is available to download from the Google Play store right now.

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Download Rainy Days for Android [Google Play link]

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