Best Pokemon Go Cheat Apps For iOS 17 & Android 2024

In 2024, it’s easier than ever to improve your gaming experience with the new Pokemon cheat app for Android and iOS. These Pokémon Go hacking applications come with features like automatic capture, location spoofing, and more.

Imagine traveling the globe without ever leaving your house, catching those unique Pokémon that are typically out of reach.

We’ll look at the top Pokemon Go cheat apps in this guide to help you make the most of your hunts for Pokémon. Along with discussing how to use these tools securely to prevent being blocklisted, we’ll also offer advice on how to get the most out of them.

Prepare to learn about technologies that will improve your gaming, offer you a competitive advantage, and add even more excitement to your Pokémon Go adventure.

5 Common Ways to Cheat on Pokemon Go

It may seem easy to cheat in Pokémon Go, especially when you see other players catching unusual Pokémon and progressing rapidly.

It’s interesting to learn about the strategies some players employ to advance, even if using a Pokemon Go cheat app is discouraged and can result in bans.

In this part, we’ll examine the top five methods used by cheaters in Pokémon Go, providing you with an inside look at strategies that, if you dare, could offer you an unfair advantage.

1. Pokemon Go Spoofing without Walking

It is strongly advised to use a third-party location spoofing program to alter your location in Pokemon Go to fully explore the game’s limitless potential.

Suggested location alteration tool: Locachange, which facilitates teleportation in Pokemon Go.

LocaChange is a location-changing app that makes it easy to change your location so you can play location-based AR games from home.

In Pokémon GO, you can increase your chances of catching uncommon Pokémon by using fake locations to gain access to remote or prohibited places.

2. Use Pokemon Go Auto-Catcher

Go-Tcha and Pokemon Go Plus auto catcher are two more wrist-worn gadgets that can be used to catch Pokémon.

Trainers don’t have to check their phones all the time to catch Pokémon. The procedure is not only easy to follow, but it may also be recorded automatically. Pokémon.

3. Share your Account with your Friends

You can share rare Pokémon in your area or special events with friends and family by allowing them to log into your account.

However, this practice violates Niantic’s terms of service. An alternative strategy is to create a separate account that you can use to join different Pokemon teams or finish quests without breaking any rules.

4. Cheat Codes & Promo Codes

Depending on the particular holidays, Pokémon Go will offer Pokemon Go Promo Codes.

While some promotional codes are good for one-time use, most codes can be used to redeem goods or complete unique activities.

You can think about contacting the businesses that are involved with Pokémon Go if you would like additional codes. Please be aware that some codes, especially those that appear to be cheat codes online, are probably bogus.

5. AR Camera

Finding and catching shiny Pokémon becomes easier in AR mode since the user interface loads quickly.

This method can be quite helpful for gamers searching for shiny Pokémon, even though it might take some getting familiar with it. It makes it easier to keep searching for and catching Pokémon.

Best Pokemon Go Cheat App for iOS & Android in 2024

In Pokémon GO, there are methods for exploiting to obtain an advantage, much like in most popular games. Some players are also searching for ways to visit more gyms or Poke Stops and hatch eggs faster.

If you’re part of a group of players who want to ease the experience a little bit, this article can help you.  Download the best Pokémon GO cheat app for free, or arm yourself with the best tips that will give you an edge over other players.

1. Tenorshare iAnyGo

Tenorshare iAnyGo is among the safest choices for a Pokemon Go spoofing app in 2024. It was created especially for iOS and Android users who want to modify their GPS position without jailbreaking or rooting their devices.

Tenorshare iAnyGo with its advanced GPS spoofing capabilities and easy-to-use UI, iAnyGo is a dependable option for changing your position in Pokémon GO.

You may combat trainers all over the world, discover new locations, and find rare Pokémon with iAnyGo—all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Features of Tenorshare iAnyGo

  • You may easily switch your GPS location to any place in the globe.
  • In video games, you can control the direction of your movement with a virtual joystick.
  • Custom routes can be created by importing or exporting GPX files.
  • It helps avoid soft bans by reminding users not to change their location too frequently.
  • To imitate movement, you can utilize the multiple-spots or two-spots mode.
  • Compatible with all smartphone models, including iOS 17 and Android 14.

Step-by-Step guide for iAnyGo

Step 1: To get started, start your computer’s iAnyGo program and choose the “Change Location” option.

Step 2: Use a USB cord to connect your iOS or Android device to the PC. Verify that the software recognizes the device.

Step 3: Select the new location you wish to be in on the map that is shown in the iAnyGo interface. The location can be manually entered or chosen straight from the map.

Pros of iAnyGo App

  • This feature lets users alter their GPS location so they can engage in raids, obtain PokéStops, and catch Pokémon unique to a certain area without physically being there.
  • Users with different degrees of technical experience can utilize the application because of its user-friendly interface and straightforward design.
  • It provides several modes, including single- and multi-spot mobility, that let players imitate cycling, walking, or driving between various spots.
  • Accommodates both iOS and Android gadgets, enabling a diverse user base to pretend to be somewhere else.

Cons of iAnyGo App

  • By using location spoofing, users risk having their accounts suspended or banned from Pokémon Go permanently for breaking Niantic’s terms of service.
  • During app upgrades or game updates, users may encounter bugs or crashes that necessitate constant changes or debugging.
  • Players’ perceptions of location spoofing as cheating may compromise the competitive integrity of the game and the spirit of fair play.
  • A drawback for some players may be that the application is not free; in order to access all capabilities, users must purchase the complete version.

2. PoGoskill (100% Works for Android)

The finest Pokemon Go spoofer is PoGoskill, which allows you to move the trainer 360 degrees with a joystick and alter your GPS location on an iPhone or Android device with only one click.

It offers a user-friendly map from which you can search or locate the teleportation point. After that, you can move the in-game character and gather Pokemon without having to walk by using the joystick’s configurable speed.


  • You can spoof Pokemon Go with just one click and no jailbreak or root.
  • Fake GPS to any desired country, city, or street.
  • 360° movement stimulation using a virtual Pokemon Go joystick for iOS and Android.
  • Variable speed of movement.
  • Automated movement in two or more spots.
  • To ensure the safe usage of spoofing, set a cooldown timer.
  • Up to fifteen Android and iOS devices can have their GPS locations changed at once.
  • Completely safe and simple to use.
  • It is suitable for both older and more recent versions of Android and iPhone, such as iOS 17 and Android 14.
  • You may import and export GPX files to create bespoke routes.

Step-By-Step Guide for IOS with PoGoskill

Step 1: After downloading PoGoskill, install it on your PC and launch the tool by clicking the “Start” button.

Step 2: Wirelessly connect your iPhone to your computer or use a USB cord. Then, adhere to the on-screen directions to successfully establish a connection.

Step 3: Using the map or search box, locate the teleportation point and then select “Start to Modify.” The in-game character will teleport there, as you will notice.

Step 4: You can now navigate around the area by tapping the “joystick” symbol on the right. Next, set the pace of movement and then activate 360° of movement with the on-screen joystick.

In this manner, you can play Pokemon Go iOS without moving by using PoGoskill and its joystick.

Step-By-Step Guide for Android with PoGoskill

Step 1: Install the PoGoskill Android app by going to the Play Store. Launch the app after installation, then follow the on-screen steps to configure it as the fictitious location app.

Step 2: Using the map or search bar, locate the teleportation place, and then select “Edit Location.”

Step 3: To modify your GPS position solely for Pokemon Go, choose the appropriate game mode from the options on the right and swiftly apply the customized mod as directed.

Step 4: From the lower part of the screen, select the “Joystick” icon. To get 360° of movement, set the movement speed and begin using the joystick.

Using the user-friendly PoGoskill software, you may use the joystick on Android Pokemon Go in this manner.

Pros of PoGoSkill for Pokémon Go

  • You can teleport to any place in the world.
  • It’s simple to move between several profiles.
  • Make realistic movement patterns and adhere to them.
  • Get up-to-date information about Pokémon events and spawning.

Cons of PoGoSkill for Pokémon Go

  • Considerable possibility of account termination.
  • Possibility of errors and crashes.
  • Requires new users to climb a learning curve.
  • This may entail buying or subscribing.


By 2024, more advanced and approachable Pokemon Go cheat apps will be available for iOS and Android devices. With apps like Tenorshare iAnyGo and PoGoSkill, you can easily manage several profiles, teleport to far-off places, and stay up to date on the latest Pokémon events—all of which can greatly improve your gaming experience.

Tenorshare iAnyGo is a great option for gamers who wish to experience Pokémon Go without having to leave their houses because of its sophisticated GPS spoofing features and easy-to-use UI. PoGoSkill makes it simpler to capture Pokémon and visit PokéStops by providing comparable advantages with the added convenience of a virtual joystick for realistic movement.

However, there are dangers associated with utilizing a Pokemon Go cheat app. Concerns about account termination are serious, and users can experience glitches and breakdowns. There’s also a learning curve for inexperienced users, and some apps can limit your ability to use them as a Pokemon Go cheat app free by requiring purchases or subscriptions.

You can get a competitive advantage by knowing how to cheat in Pokemon Go safely. If you’re using the Pokemon Go cheat app for IOS or Android, making the most of these potent tools requires caution and knowledge.

Hot FAQ about Pokemon Go Cheat Apps

  1. Can you still cheat on Pokemon Go?

Yes, you can still cheat on Pokémon Go using various apps and tools, but it carries the risk of account suspension or ban.

  1. Can you walk on Pokemon GO without moving?

Yes, you can walk in Pokémon Go without moving by using location spoofing apps that simulate movement.

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