More Android Users Are Switching To iPhone Than Before, Study Reveals

It has long since been the case that users switch from Android smartphones to iPhones in larger proportions, but more so than ever, the trend is increasing. According to a study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, more Android users made the jump to Apple’s iPhone this year than ever before, and although many of those picking up the new iPhone 5s / 5c were previously owners of an older iPhone, the Cupertino firm will surely be encouraged to see more and more consumers ditching Google’s OS for its own ecosystem.

The Android versus iOS debate is one that has, and doubtlessly will continue to rage as both ecosystems continue to evolve as time moves forward. In the smartphone world, the two are head and shoulders above the rest not only in reach, but in range and quality of apps, as well as, arguably, usability and interface. Partisan fans on each side would offer hundreds of reasons why one is better than the other, but the simple fact is that both have their respective strengths and weaknesses.

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The news does seem good for Apple, and indeed it is, but the CIRP research, which looked at iPhone buyers in the United States as its sample, suggested an increase in the number of consumers purchasing an iPhone that already owned an Apple handset in the first place. Thus, while Apple continues to attract a good amount of Android owners over to iPhone – more, in fact, than ever – the overall assessment is that the level of new business hasn’t quite hit the heights.

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Apple has always been good at retaining its consumer base, and general satisfaction studies tend to show that iPhone and iPad owners are happier than most with their purchases. The fact that more consumers than ever are switching from Android to iPhone indicates that Apple is not losing its touch by any stretch, and although the number of Android smartphone activations far surpasses that of iPhone by a huge margin, Tim Cook and his team will remain pleased with the strength of the iPhone brand, sales made therein, and the general reception from the consumer market.

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(Image Credit: CIRP)

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