LulzSec Has Released 150,000+ User Credentials. Use This Tool To Check If Your Password Is Out There

LulzSec are the new hackers on the block, and they mean business. Over the last five weeks Lulz Security have been on a hacking spree, targeting a number of high profile companies across a selection of varied industries.

Sony Music, ABC, Sony Pictures, Nintendo and even CIA have been at the mercy of LulzSec recently, with the group leaking data that often includes names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses. Passwords are not safe either, with accompanying usernames being leaked – around 62,000 from recently, for example.

With such varied targets and the group’s apparent lack of any qualms over leaking information, it’s understandable many are now wondering whether they should be worried, and more importantly whether they should be on a mass password change-athon.

Today, TNW has posted a link to a handy checking tool that will scour all the information leaked by LulzSec for a given email address, either putting our minds at rest or setting off  a chorus of alarm bells, depending on the outcome.

The advantage here as noted by TNW is that the checker will indeed check all leaked information and not just the latest data as some other checkers do.

"This widget checks the lists with an email address and is the absolute best way to see if any of your personal information, such as email accounts, passwords home addresses, telephone numbers and more, has been compromised as if your email is there, your other information might be as well. This widget checks all of LulzSec’s publicly released lists, not just the latest one."

We suggest you play the checker with every email address you use just to be on the safe side. If all’s clear then move on with your day. If you do appear on a list though, why are you still reading? We’d suggest mass password changes and possibly even setting up a new account just to be sure.

Of course, this whole thing could just be a way for Lulzsec to get our email addresses….

Good luck guys!

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