Lookout Security: Android Malware Has Doubled In Six Months

According to a new security report, malicious apps on Android have doubled in the past six months. Details after the jump!

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The news comes from CNET – a technology and media website – in the form of a post published on their InSecurity Complex blog in which a security report is discussed which claims that Android malware has doubled in just six months.

Titled Malwarenomics: 2012 Mobile Malware Predictions, the report, which comes from security firm Lookout, is based on malware detected by popular Android antimalware app Lookout Mobile Security. Apparently, malicious apps detected by the software has doubled to 1,000 in less than six months. Lookout states that most of these malicious apps are found on alternatives to Android Market.

Android device owners are “expected” to have a 4% likelihood of coming across these malicious apps, which is up from 1% in early 2011.

From CNET:

The number of malicious apps mobile security firm Lookout has identified in less than six months has doubled to 1,000, according to a report from Lookout to be released tonight.

The vast majority of those dubious apps are found on third-party app stores and alternatives to the official Android Market, the company said.

We’ve already discussed, in great detail, about the whole “Android is the most insecure mobile operating system” controversy. Malware on Android is indeed an issue, but it’s not something everyone should get all worked up about. These malicious apps only get to those folks who do things like downloading APKs for apps from untrusted sources (like file-sharing websites) and/or download bogus apps (such as those that require extra permissions) from Android app stores.

When it comes down to it, you and only you can provide the best malware protection for your Android smartphone or tablet. Mobile security apps like those from avast!, ESET, Norton, Lookout or Kaspersky only add an extra layer of security which is still, at the moment, quite porous because of them not offering features as strong as, say, security apps on desktops.

Still, those of you who still in believe in mobile security apps can always check out our list of Top Antivirus Apps for Android.

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