Leonardo DiCaprio To Reportedly Play As Steve Jobs In Biopic

The rumored partnership of David Fincher and Christian Bale may be no more, with two new names now in the frame to make Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic.

When Jobs passed it was only a matter of time before the movie deals started rolling in, with the widely-panned Ashton Kutcher failing to hit the right notes for both movie goers and technology pundits alike, attention has now turned to the next movie that will be based on Steve Jobs’ life.


Penned by the West Wing’s Aaron Sorkin, the unannounced Steve Jobs biopic has had its fair share of false starts of late. Initially believed to be under the direction of The Social Network director David Fincher, the movie now appears to be without anyone at the helm, with Sony apparently on the lookout for a new director. Christian Bale, previously penciled in as the actor to play Jobs is also now out according to reports, leaving a new director free to find their own leading man.

Those same reports claim that the combination of Danny Boyle and Leonardo DiCaprio is being sought by Sony, with the pair’s one previous collaboration being the 2000 movie The Beach. Movie buffs will no doubt cringe at the idea of the new Steve Jobs biopic reaching similarly mediocre standards, but with both DiCaprio and Boyle’s careers reaching impressive heights following that movie, we’re a little more optimistic about the venture.

Steve Jobs

With Fincher and Bale never officially announced as working on the title there are no guarantees that the new partnership of DiCaprio and Boyle will bear fruit, though the pair could well see the movie reach an audience that it may otherwise have missed out on.

As always, we’ll just have to wait and see, but this being Hollywood we wouldn’t be surprised to see a new rumor with new actors and directors this time next month. Whoever ends up working on the title, we can only hope it’s an improvement on what we’ve had to endure so far.

After all, it couldn’t get any worse, could it?

But what do you think? Do you believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is a good fit for the role of Steve Jobs?

(Source: TheHollywoodReporter)

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