Krop Circle For iPhone Lets You Crop Images In A Wide Variety Of Shapes And Styles

If one could point toward any field of apps which is particularly saturated in terms of numbers, it’s fair to say the Photography section bears the crown. Thanks in part to the popularity of Instagram, there are literally thousands out there, and while this is good for the snap happy smartphone and tablet users out there in terms of sheer choice, but it also means quality is enhanced as developers seek new ways to gain recognition. Krop Circle is charmingly different from the vast majority of photo apps out there, offering circular crop overlay from which you can take shots, and when used in certain environments, it can produce some spectacular results.

The app is incredibly simple both in concept and practice, but it’s certainly a welcome and refreshing change from the incessant use of photo filtering. Too often, point-and-shot smartphone snappers find a simple filter effect or blur to be sufficient, and while this does work on many occasions, in others, it shows lack of imagination. We think Krop Circle will appeal to those who like to be a little creative with their shots, and although I perhaps haven’t done the app any real justice with my own examples, you get the idea:

Krop Circle 1

The circle is the basis shape you get with the app, which is free of charge. However, if you want to unlock a bunch of different shapes – from letters of the alphabet to the moon – you can do so by means of a one-time, in-app purchase of $0.99.

When taking images with Krop Circle, it’s almost like using a fish-eye lens in a sense. The whole dynamic is changed, and once you’ve finished and are happy with your creation, you can easily share it via Twitter or Facebook, should you so wish.

Photo Jan 26, 5 55 17 PM

I’m a big fan of this particular app, and if you have grown a little tired of photo apps seeming to follow the same trends, you may want to give Krop Circle a try.

(Source: Krop Circle for iPhone on App Store)

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